Understanding the Casino House Advantage Better

If there is one thing casino gamblers should know about casinos it is the fact that they are in business to make money and not to give away money. Casinos offer different types of casino games as a form of entertaining gamblers and in exchange earn money from their player's wagers.

However, casinos will not stay long in business if they only take in money from their players without giving their players something in return. In order for their players to continue patronizing their gambling establishment they need to offer them something more profitable to keep them quite satisfied with their casino gambling experience.

That is why casinos are good in giving good incentives to their players as well as providing several bonus offers and bigger jackpots from playing their casino games. Many casino gamblers often doubt whether the casino is an honest business.

The fact is while there are rogue casinos operating especially online there are more legitimate casinos than the illegitimate ones. There is no need for casinos to cheat on their games. Doing so will be detrimental to their huge gambling business. Casinos are able to generate profit from their games through the casino house advantage.

In every casino game is a built in profit that the casino generates by imposing a casino house advantage that helps the casino earn a certain percentage from their player's bet. The casino house advantage can be defined as the difference between the odds that the casinos pay their winners and the true odds that the casino is supposed to take as winning.

If one flips a coin they get 50/50 chance of getting either a tail or a head. This is the true odds of a gambler. However, casino games have a casino house advantage that does not work in this way.

Take a look at roulette for example. The player gets a winning odd of 1 in 38. This is because there are 38 numbers to play for in American roulette (from 1 to 36, 0, 00). From a dollar bet of a player, they get a highest payout of 35:1 which can be translated to $35 profit for a $1 bet. The player also retains their $1 bet giving them a total return of $36. If the player spent a total of $38 to cover all numbers they only get the highest payout of only $35. They are still short of $3. This is the false odds described in the casino house advantage.

It is therefore suggested for gamblers to play for games with lower casino house advantage in order for a casino player to enjoy better odds and profitable benefits from playing casino games.